World Cup!

I don’t know. I haven’t seen any of there game yet.
They can win. They are setting standards in defending. As I type this message, they have been robbed of one goal by the referee. But they are also getting lucky. The referees has gotten surprisingly soft on hard tackles. But I don’t want them to win. You know there is this philosophy of playing defensive football and they rely heavily on counter-attack.. It is so entirely predictable (and boring). The best part about Paraguay is that they use this philosophy but with some good attackers in Valdes and Cardoza. It is a very good combination. Again, I don’t see any flexibilty. No change in  game play etc. etc.

If they win, I would say they have a large share of luck. They have not yet a played a good team! Yes, I know they played against Argentina and England. It was all a hype. I wouldn’t comment about England, we all know about that team. But about Argentina, I have a special section. I am not counting Germany out though. They do well in the big stage. That’s it! Note that Muller is not there in the semi finals. But they do the best on any given circumstance. I like them for that. But I don’t want them to win the world cup just for that. We all need some new style of playing the game. There are those who win and those who win with some style. German’s are like machine and I have had enough of there headers and counter attack.


Argentina’s defense was opened up many times in league matches but the none of the opposing teams had good finishers. So I was looking at all the Argentina fans with concern! If only Riquelme and Pokemon were there. And Maradona is not really helping apart from being the reason Riquelme quit.


They surely can win this world cup. Surprised no one noticed this team. They have been thorough professionals so far. How? Look at their strategy. They did not bother to bring in Elijero Elia and Afellay in the last match! Those two guys split the opposition defense in the left in the last games they played. But they just made one substitution to bring in Huntelaar. They are really playing there cards close to themselves. I like there coach. You need a good team to beat these guys. Damn I have not seen any of Uruguay’s match.


They have had their share of luck. But it’s beautiful to watch these guys play. They stick to their game of quick intelligent passing and they know to make it work for them to win. Though the defense is a bit weak ith Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos doing some dirty work in the back time and again. They have flexibility. The change to bring in Fabregas and Pedro just changed the match against Paraguay. I guess they learnt their lesson against a team with a similar strategy as Paraguay, the swiss! I want these guys to win. Muller is not there.. Yey! They have to keep an eye on Klose.  I declare I am a fan of their game!

One needs a lot of luck with referees. Why can’t they have technology in there. They want controversy.

Finally, it is Anybody’s game from hereon.  But I want either Spain or Holland to win.

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  1. Its all over boss! Spain won. There are a lot of “What if?”s to be discussed. I am happy and disappointed at the same time. All I can say is that I wish the World cup was a month longer.

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