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For a long time, I read Calvin and Hobbes everyday before sleeping. A good way to end the day. But the ten year collection got over a month back. Out of books, I bought “For the love of insects” by Thomas Eisner. Now, I read it in my free time and its a totally different world out there. I have long stopped watching wild life TV channels. I feel one spends 30 minutes watching an episode to get 5 minutes of information from them. You mostly get the adrenalin rush from watching a ‘deadliest animal in this whole planet’!. But in the book, the author elaborates on means by which discoveries were made, how a hypotheses is proven and dis-proven about an insect’s life and it doesn’t matter how deadly they are. You unravel the mystery and marvel at the complexity of insect life. The details were never this exciting and simple. You remember when you solve a tough problem and slowly and steadily you are reaching your aim and the excitment grows with every step?. It takes you through such experiences of the author, not always ending in great new discoveries, but the satisfaction in it. The book, I think surely achieves one of it aims, which is to create awareness about insect world. Whenever I see an insect now, I spend time analyzing what it is doing. I have this little knowledge about insects now that I don’t squash it or shove it away. Some time back I picked up this bug and noticed that they seemed to jump from my hand from the edge to the ground every time I pick them up. I guess they are already programed to know that they are light weight and a high fall doesn’t mean a hard fall.

I also read “Surely you are joking Mr. Feynman”. This book along with the one above, gives you new ways to think about day-to-day events. A colleague of mine mentioned that he always looks for books that change the way he thinks. These are those books.

Wrote an alsa driver sometime back and that has changed what I think when I listen to music with my headphones on. After all that work, I come home and plug my head phone. I start imagining numbers flowing from a file somewhere in the hard disk. I say to myself that its all numbers. All it does is hit your ear drums after going through the dac. I did all the testing with my headphone on. You see, while I am testing this audio driver, all I am doing in waiting for that glitch or pop sounds that come up. While configuring the codec mode and clock format, I am visualizing the data in numbers and the frame sync for the right and left channels. I also had to dump the audio data to verify if data is coming form the user space to the kernel space and then to the codec. All this has changed the way I experience music with my headphones on! Apart from all that, for the first time, I got to hear my work sing to me!

And I saw the anime movie ghost in the shell  and ghost in the shell SAC.

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