News Media, ‘Indians and Science’

Anyone going through the news media would notice the chaos that it triggers in us. We also know that almost every news paper is in a frenzy to produce the most sought after news every minute and increase their TRP. If the criteria to remain in the job andfor moving up the ladder in an organization is to create the most sensational news, it is understandable. On a bigger scale, if the aim of a news channel is to beat any other news channel at any give time, then the quickest way is to resort to the usual tactics of making every news a ‘ground breaking’, ‘roof thrashing’ news. With the common news media understood, we can say creating such news has become a simple affair. The most challenging task is not in the hands of the ones creating the news, but the ones consuming it. Take for example, the claims of Dr. Santhanam about India’s nuclear programme. In all the chaos, I could extract that Dr. Santhanam was one of DRDO’s men for site instrumentation, who would be responsible for measuring the yield. He came out with the claim that the yield was not even close to what was publicized. I think that’s all there was to it. May be I am wrong but who cares. Trying to extract news out of enternment information is almost impossible if not stupid. Moving on, we were proud of our achievement in 1998. Weren’t we? If his claims are true, then looking back, we liked the alternate reality that was presented to us during that time. A news with a high ‘make us happy, proud’ entertainment value. But after the claims by santhanam we also did fall for the thrill of ‘make us scared, feel cheated’ news! Having fallen for almost every emotion triggering news, shouldn’t we conclude that the news being delivered is just entertainment? The tiny non-entertainment news is tough to extract. There are other questions, like what is non-entertainment news? I will stop here, enough! I had not posted anything for a long time now. Hence this post! A peek into my thoughts when I hop past a entertainment (news) channel.

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