Kudremukh, Calvin and Kernel Crash…

The trek was awesome! Started on 14th night and reached Hornadu the next day early morning. The roads got lots of twists and turns. So many curves that some of the more stable guys puked. Hornadu has the Annapoorneshwari temple. Just like the Kollur temple stop when going to Kodachadri. We had breakfast there at the temple. The deity name implied that we should have breakfast there! From there went to kalasa and then to Balagal by bus. From Balagal, we decided to take a seven kilometere walk to mullodi. We had earlier planned to take a jeep, but the guy asked for 450 rupees. That makes it over 50 rupees per liter. Phew. Though we were seven, we decided otherwise. One should reach mullodi before 4 pm, if you take the same means of transport as we did.

We stayed at a house that was very close to a big stream were we could bathe. From there on, the kudremukh peak was 12 km. So it was a 24 km in a day trek. We trekked on 15th. No leeches this time since there was no rain for 2 weeks. Hence the journey was close to what we had in Mulainagiri. But the view that we got here was awesome. Along the route, one crosses several mountains of considerable height. But when you sit at the Kudremukh peak and look down, those same peaks look tiny, hiding behind the clouds. My head did spin a bit. We chose to sit as close to the edge as we can and it was like hanging from a rope at 1458 meters above sea level. I need to do a bungee jump an sky dive soon.

Calvin and Hobbes.. that kid is ultra smart!

Sometime back, I used to have tough time tracing the caller functions for a given function in the kernel. A colleague of mine had this simple way of doing it. Just create a null pointer exception at the called function and look at the kernel dump stack trace. You get what you want, i.e. the function that called this one. Not that its a great idea, but the fact is that its simple. It is right there and you don’t see it. Why make things complicated than they actually are?

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  1. I always wanted to go to kudremukh since the day I heard about it. But was never able to make it till now :(((
    The kernel crash part was interesting 😀

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