Kodachadri-Kollur Trek

The recent trekking trip was to Kodachadri.

This guy has already written about it (A lot of it). I will use it as an excuse to prevent writing redundant information (He won’t mind! He wants hits… so he would be even more happier if you leave comments there too. Make someone happy 🙂 ). And yeah I was there with him to shivanasamudhra.

A trek in the western ghats takes a different shape when its raining.

It gets slippery and plenty of leeches breed in damp areas. Wiki says so and we witnessed it. But, one can not rest on the way since anytime you stop you know 10 more are sticking to you. Mixing tobacco and oil and smearing it helped.

But then, it is only when you reach a point where you stop bothering about them sucking your blood that you will be free from them. It helps to just stand there see one sucking the juice out of you. You get used to it. But there is always that fear that creeps in when it rolls towards you. I had total 4 attached to me. And right now, even after week, its still itching in the bite zone.

In the next trek, I will try to ignore them, and just focus on the climb. Someone said its more psychological than any real problem. A mosquito but bigger in size?

But reaching the top was worth everything.

We also tried to go to arisanagundi falls. We ignored the “no trekking” board. Four guys had already decided to go back midway. The trail was getting thinner along the way. The journey came to a halt when we saw a huge spider with its web sprawling right across the fading trail. We turned back right there. If there is this huge a spider when the trail was starting to fade. Wonder what else would have been further.

Overall it was a unique experience. It was good introductory trek with leeches.Preparing for tougher ones. Kodachadri is definitely worth a visit.

Kollur temple is famous. My parents had been there when I was not at all there in this world.
It was similar to guruvayur. We got up early morning and gave the temple a visit. The chief minister of karnataka (Mr. Yediyurappa) was paying a visit the same day. I saw him in the temple. In fact, I was standing right in his way and was trying to identify him, when a guard came and shoved me out of the way.

Kodachadri and kollur is a good combination. Not fully a trek. But quite a journey.

4 thoughts on “Kodachadri-Kollur Trek

  1. I would have turned back anyways (even if we knew of that fact). I was scared of what lay ahead.

    The fading trail and spider web are quite unrelated then. A full 5 feet spider web does not imply isolation by humans in that zone. Okey!

    And yeah, I read the spider wiki after your comment!

  2. Woops… thats quite a lot. I guess it is raining pretty heavily there. On my trip,it was. And the trees were the only cover.

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