Happy new year

Err .. a bit late though. Sorry!
2009 for me:
All my plans to become a pro in computer graphics did not materialize, no matter how much I tried, I figured its not for me. After 4 months of trying hard, I couldn’t get interested in it. Today, I could just easily skim through my electronics basics even though its been arround two years since I read an electronics book. So it seems I will forever be the one talking to the hardware through software. Only time can say for sure.

I learned a bit of Kannada and I can read and understand Kannada text. But my plans to read amarchitra katha in kannada did not materialize. Just when I was about to dig deep, other more important tasks came in.

I started reading a 2400 page Tamil historical novel by the name ponniyin selvan written by Kalki Krishnamurthy (It was serialized in 1950’s for 3.5 years). I am in the last 300 pages now. I did not know we had such great authors in India. Shame on me.

The US visit was mind boggling. I came to know what it would be like to visit an alien world where unknown people wish you and cars stop for you when crossing the road. I plan to visit other alien worlds this year.

I started off with Anime and manga this year. Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin and Deathnote. The best anime IMO is Deathnote. Only 36 episodes and no fuss. Twenty mins for each episode and by the second episode you are hooked. Rakesh saw 2 episodes yesterday and he is in his 12th episode today. I pity him for the addiction!

And many more ..

I hope 2010 was atleast as fun as last year. Have made all the plans and I just have to stray away from my plans to make it more fun. Easy :).

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