Don’t compare with others and still be the best?

One of the upcoming young leaders in indian politics, replies “We shouldn’t compare ourself with other countries. We are the best”.

First of all, is that a paradox? The moment you say ‘best’, you have started to compare, which is exactly what you have denounced in the previous statement. But then, he did not prepare any speech and was answering questions from youngsters on the spot. I guess his motive was to motivate, hence I will take it on a positive note but with just a little lack of direction. This reminds me of my previous post here.

2 thoughts on “Don’t compare with others and still be the best?

  1. Good Point! And this seems to be a product of our culture promoting pacifism. As far your last post is concerned, jamaicans are a naturally athletic people. We have been having sambar vada, paneer tikkas and rasgullas for far too much time. The schools need a strong sports program.

  2. Right about the healthy food part… but to make myself clear, I have not yet decided if we should or should not compare! forget about choosing healthy food!

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