My Sketches

About time I put up some of the sketches that I do to kill time. All sketches are drawn in gimp with my wacom bamboo pen stylus. Not original. I use the manga sketches and copy them by hand. The only original thing I do is change the emotion of the character. Take a look at the ‘sketch’ category. By far, Kauro is my best work till now. Do leave your feedback and comments.

kamiya kaoru

Tough draw. Everything has to be so perfect when drawing her sad and emotional.¬† There is no excuse for messing her lines.. her hair has to be smooth, her nose becomes less pointy, even her dress does not have sharp lines. I found drawing her eye lashes to be really tough in my wacom. I don’t know why, may be because my canvas was too small and my wacom can’t handle that precision. I don’t know yet. I will have to analyze.

Kaoro's Concern

Kaoro’s Concern