Scuba dooba doo!

I went to scuba dive at Netrani. Yey! Among other fishes, had a close look at a scorpion fish and stared back at a muray eel staring at us with its head out of the rocks. The scorpion fish was so well camouflaged that it took me a minute to even recognize that there was a fish out there on a maroon and brown coloured rock. And about the murray eel, my instructor would take his hands near its head and the eel would slide back inside the rock, all the while looking at us. But as soon as he would take his hands off, it would come back again to stare at us. Both of those fishes made it clear that it was there teritory! Unfortunately, the dive lasted only 40 minutes. But a memorable one. After and before the dive I was snorkeling at the clear waters near the island. We saw the parrot fish which had brilliant colors and Napoleon Wrasse among other unidentified fishes.

We went through a group called the adivaas, that wanted to introduce people to scuba diving and apart from that, some of their members are on a certificate course on diving.

I am inspired and I am going to take some swimming classes here. I do not know to swim! But the surprising part is I could swim with the fins on my legs. Probably not so surprising looking at it technically, since the fins were giving me the extra thrust to keep me afloat. But the fact that thrilled me is that I can thrash my legs and arms arround to stay afloat. I think all this preparation is for my plans to scuba at Andaman. Lets see. In all, a memorable experience and I would love to do it again.

Of Supremacy of Indian Women!

On my travel to office, one of my backup options (other than reading/practicing kannada or reading books) is to listen to FM. There is this show which targets women audience which is aired in the evening (offcourse it is sponsored by a cosmetics company that, among other products, sells the “make you a pale”! cream also). One fine day, the host was asking a question that goes like this. “Do you believe that Indian women are the most beautiful in the world?”. There were enough women calling in and saying something along the lines that “yes we are beautiful”. But I was thinking of the same question, put in a different manner.

The question rephrased would be: “Do you believe all other women in the world are less beautiful compared to us Indian women”. Any takers? If someone agreed to the above question, wouldn’t they become less beautiful since they disapprove there gender worldwide. And moving further, since you have been proven to be less beautiful for looking down upon your own gender, saying yes is a false statement.  This argument moves further and further to “yes” being a false answer!

Questions are covered up so well, that probably, our human brain does not detect the anomaly! Too much of black swan book I guess :).

Off-course, all this is naught if for women, looking down upon other women is considered to not affect their beauty. So the next question is what is beauty? Reminds me of the word quality and “zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”. Probably all this is just my perception of beauty! Heh? .. Enough!

As a side note, I am adding the word forget to my blog heading.. Among other things that I do, I also forget frequently. So now the heading looks like:

Observe Think Analyse Tweak Travel Forget… Kill Time!

Don’t compare with others and still be the best?

One of the upcoming young leaders in indian politics, replies “We shouldn’t compare ourself with other countries. We are the best”.

First of all, is that a paradox? The moment you say ‘best’, you have started to compare, which is exactly what you have denounced in the previous statement. But then, he did not prepare any speech and was answering questions from youngsters on the spot. I guess his motive was to motivate, hence I will take it on a positive note but with just a little lack of direction. This reminds me of my previous post here.