I Learned to fool people…

It seems I have learned to fool people into believing that I speak kannada! Three guys I met at my office, a driver in a bus, 2 bus conductors and atleast three autowalahs, one pizza delivery guy are my recent victimes! How do I know that? They started talking to me kannada straight away. The incident with the bus driver was hilarious. I deliberately start talking in kannada to¬† start a conversation. Say I want a ticket to “cmh”. Instead of saying just the place name and handing over the money, I say something more. I say “cmh hogakke eshtu aaguthe?”. He replies “haidu”. Then I hand over the change and say “thogolli”. He hands over the ticket with one hand while he is driving with the other. Now, I have to talk, so I say “illi thumba traffic aguthe”! You can see how I practice now. But on that occasion, the driver smiled a bit and started telling a joke.I could hardly make out what the joke was but since in the end he was laughing I gave him good company. You know those situations were you should have raised your hand right at the start of a lecture instead of waiting for some more time and ask. And the lecturer goes “that is basic and what were you doing till now?”. Now, I could not tell that guy that I know only a little bit of kannada and dissappoint him after he has told his joke. So I did a good thing by acting like I understood. I had to do it. You should never dissappoint someone trying to cheer you up!

Back to kannada now. I have decided that I have reached a stage where I should no longer read transliterated text. Hence, going to buy some first standard kannanda books and learn kannada alphabets. Then, read those kids’ story books. What better way to learn a language than by reading it? By this year end I should know all the alphabets and should be fluent enough in reading kannada.


An excerpt from the movie Ghost in the shell 1995. Major Motoko Kusanagi’s (A cyborg) words…

Just as there are many parts needed to make a human a human,
there’s a remarkable number of things needed to make
an individual what they are.
A face to distinguish yourself from others.
A voice you aren’t aware of yourself.
The hand you see when you awaken.
The memories of childhood, the feelings for the future.
That’s not all. There’s the expanse of the data net
my cyber-brain can access.
All of that goes into making me what l am.
Giving rise to a consciousness that l call ”me.”
And simultaneously confining ”me” within set limits.