I visited Salem last weekend. My home town. I wanted to attend a marriage ceremony. Now, the reason I wanted to attend was that I had already missed one of my cousin’s. I made full preparation trying to recall the names of people I had met last time. I thought, this would be a good challenge for me. There is nothing else that I dread more than blinking at my relatives trying to recall their name when they can tell at least 4 facts about the recent events in my life. Though I should pat myself on the back for remembering almost everyone. The failure this time was this old lady who happens to be my mother’s uncle’s wife. I remember her very well now.

I am reading shantaram by Gregory David Roberts right now. I reached the chapter where Khaled gives Lin lessons on why the black market exists. I stopped after I read a para. I am preserving that section preparing myself before I read it. I am going to get a very different view point of why things are the way they are in the economy. A money lauderer’s viewpoint! Not the government’s banter about how wrong it is but why it is. More scientific and not opinionated.

Bungee… Sunglasses

I am a bit dissapointed with my todo list for this year. It has bungee jump in it. I don’t see that happening now. Its better if I am more responsible and not do it at least in india. Most of all, a person is no more. This blog has more to say about my day. I will add on a bit though.

1) When I registered, The organizers there just wouldn’t allow us to register for the next day. The argument was that there was no guarantee of the state of our health the next day and a medical check up must precede the registration. I was happy that they were taking safety measures. But it seems, that wasn’t enough.

2) I usually read all the useless stuff. But this time, I did not read the disclaimer I signed. I am assuming it would have said something like “allthough they follow the best safety standards, they are not responsible for any unfortunate event…”.

3) I did not notice any ambulance there.

4) May be there was something wrong with the procedure that was being followed. It should be corrected.

I don’t want to devote any more space to the incident.

I am switching to another topic.

I realized today that people with sun glasses irritate me. And if strangers talk with there glasses on, then I find it repulsive.