Suddenly, out of nowhere…




Some works (books here) show what thinking different is about. They surely make you think from a different angle. What can be more valuable?

1) ‘Hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy’ (which I stopped reading midway, since it changed my thoughts to an extent that I thought I should stop it unless it makes me go crazy and for the good of people arround me, apart from another incident). Seriously. Pan galactic gargle blasters, nutrient content in a towel and about whales appearing out of thin air became a regular joke from my side among guys who had never read the book. I would try to explain to them what its all about and laugh it out. I secretly knew they would kill me some time. They didn’t because suddenly, for no reason, I stopped reading the book. Read the book and come back and read my previous sentence 🙂 . If you have read “The foundation series” by Isaac Asimov, then nothing like it. You will love HGTG more.

2) “Fooled by randomness”. A book that Rakesh bought but never read and I sneaked in to finish. Get me some more books dude, keep up the good work.

Lady fortuna plays quite an important role in one’s life. I thought I was all alone when I used to shout how lucky I was and I could have been a zero otherwise. I can recall plenty of incidents when I was just so plain lucky. The author goes on to show how luck plays an important role in our lives, how probabilty is misused and misinterpreted, about survivorship bias and more than that, what can one do about it! I won’t elaborate on the “what can you do” section. Watch out for that section, it has just two paragraphs and will get you. It puts in simple terms, in all the randomness and chaos that afflicts us, his advice on going through life. He seems to hate giving advice. He makes an exception in those two paragraphs. There was no long sermon in that book. Great!

I got hold of ten years of ‘calvin and hobbes’ series. Cool stuff to read during a break.

And next weekend I am off to kudhremukh. Trek time! More leeches! More conquests! Yeah!