Went to Bheemeshwari fishing camp a week back. One can find enough info about that place in net. Stayed at the jungles and lodges resorts. Writing down what is there and what not to expect from it.

First of all, this place is along the banks of cauvery some 100 Kms south of bangalore. One basically skims along the edges of the jungle at Bheemeshwari.

What you get:

1) You get to see crocodiles! Yeah, at some respectable distance. One should get a binocular to this place. I don’t have any.

2) The resort is good. You get two types of accomodation. A tent house and log hut. Tent house come at Rs. 1900 and Log huts at Rs. 2500 a night. Log huts are air conditioned and you get typical 3 – 4 star accomodation. Whereas tents have more of a camping feel to them. No air-conditioning, but with the jungle surrounding you and the climate being cold enough, I thought one does not need any AC.

3) Food is great! The barbecue they arranged for the evening was awesome.

What it is not:

1) If you thought you get to learn something about fishing there. Forget it. We did everything there except proper fishing. The reason the authorities gave us was that it was off season. We did not get any fancy fishing rod, but hey, one would expect some tips from someone. I wandered to get some native guy here to tell about where to fish and what to do. I just found a guy fishing in some remote corner along the bank. I went up to him and asked which place is good. He said anywhere deep enough is good. Asked him what would be good bait (All naive questions). He said its all luck and patience. He also said that when the sun is up, one can find many fishes. I don’t know how true that is but the next day when the sun was up I could see lots of fishes along the bank. They were quite big and eating the tadpoles. But by that time we were ready to leave.

Who is it for?

For those who don’t prefer much activity and just would drool arround along the banks.

Who is it not for..

If you are the kind of person willing to learn something and would prefer some activity, its not for you. We ended up playing volleyball for sometime, which we can do somewhere else too. One does not have to go to a fishing camp to do that.

I would prefer the honnemaradu trip and mulainagiri trek which I did months back. In Honnemaradu, one gets to learn to row a coracle, learn canoeing and yeah, jump into water and be there for hours!

If I want to relax at a natural place surrounded by greeenery, without bothering about anything and also be close to bangalore. I will choose this place.

So, if you are going to this place. Then be prepared to relax without any care in the world and enjoy the light acitivity that you get to do there.

An incident:

I slept at around 3 am and got up at 5am to go fishing. I woke another guy up and it was me alone and I was determined that I would get at least one. I sat there with patience for 1 hour but in vain. I got up and went back to my tent and noticed that the door was closed from inside. I did not want to disturb my roomy sleeping. It was a simple lock where you just drop the latch to a loop. And I being the smart*** type, slid my key chain arround the corner and pushed the latch up and opened the door. It was still dark at 6 am there and I went into the room. I just moved forward towards the table and where I had kept my luggage. I could see none of my luggage there and stood there scratching my head, when i heard some movement in the bed nearby and a woman’s voice said “Good morning”. It was more of a morning wish. I turned arround still thinking, what the heck? I suddenly realized that I got into my neighbours tent! (Though the tents are far apart, I guess my tiredness got me). They were a couple and were foreigners. But before they could utter any other word. I lifted my hand up saying ” Oh my god, I’m sorry” and stepped out of the tent and closed the door from outside. I kept saying to myself “damn..damn”. After sometime I could hardly stop laughing at that incident. Even now! And I must say the lady had a good sense of humour.
I will post the pictures of the place soon (Not the barging in picure :), I don’t have any of that). More of a barge in camp than a fishing camp for me though.