Copy Shantaram Jutsu!

Three years back when I was given my birthday bumps, these were the words I had written down.

..I didn’t protest. I accepted the ritual. After having kicked me for half an hour to their hearts content, they let me free right near the hostel bathroom. The dirty bathroom floor became my bed… It was exactly in that place that I was born the second time …

Not completely a Shantaram style sentence but a word here and there will make it a close one.

As an aside, notice the post name. It is based on Naruto. The best of the cartoons(Anime) I have seen till now. Extremely Addictive. I first saw the entire Shippuden series (113). Then went back and saw the Naruto series(~200). Then read the whole manga(~450). Now I wait for the episode every week. I have never seen the personality of each character come out so well. I have never seen a cartoon opening like the ‘hero’s comeback’ of  the shippuden series. I have never seen anything like this before. It is a must see for every damn creature in this planet. And to top it all it is available in numerous sites dedicated just for Naruto fans.

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