Yellow Moon, Wind … Naruto

Its cloudy most of the time in Bangalore except that it rains only a little. I don’t think its the weather and I am right now completely stuck on Naruto’s songs. Some lines from the songs.

Yellow Moon by Akeboshi:

All day yesterday
My cellphone’s call signal kept going off
An out-of-tune first guitar
In a strange park.

Wind by Akeboshi:

Don’t try to look so wise, Don’t cry ’cause you’re so right.. Don’t dry with fakes or fears… Else You will hate yourself till the end.

Inoue Joe’s Closer is also pretty good, not to mention Hero’s comeback and its video. One can get all the songs in mp3 at

There some characters in Naruto that can not be forgotten. Writing down some lines from a character by the name Itachi to his own brother:

You are not even worth killing.

You are weak. Why are you weak? Because you lack … hatred.

Foolish little brother, if you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me, and survive in an unsightly way. Run, run and cling to life. And one day, when you have the same eyes as I do, come before me”

People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That’s how they define “reality”. But what does it mean to be “correct” or “true”? Merely vague concepts … their “reality” may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?”

We are brothers. That is a unique bond. I am the barrier you must overcome, so you and I will continue to exist together, even if you hate me. That’s what being a big brother means.

Pity I don’t have the powers to enforce a law make it compulsory for grown ups and kids alike.  I say watch it. Ending with Nagato’s dialogue:

We’re both of the same breed, after all … motives for war are of no concern. Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love, or just because … no matter how pathetic the reason, it’s enough to start war.