rar, password and movie files

During my hunt for the anime movie ghost in the shell, I downloaded a ‘rar’ed  file. I found out after the download, that it was password protected. I did not expect that. But there it was, 700 MB file in my system but I could not use it. I decided that I would let a brute force password cracker run on it for as long as it wants. But my madness for the anime got over me and I stopped the software in an hour. I remembered that while trying to unrar, the entire movie file was getting extracted . The important fact is that the entire file is extracted. I just had to find a way to stop it from getting removed. For my purpose, it did not matter why it was extracting the entire file. We know it has to use some system call to remove the file. With that knowledge, I ran unrar under gdb and inserted breakpoints at remove and unlink system calls. And, my luck, the breakpoint was hit! I could see the entire file sitting in my directory waiting for it to get copied before rar removes it.

Unfortunately the movie was in japanese without any subtitles. I had to start the search all over again.

I Learned to fool people…

It seems I have learned to fool people into believing that I speak kannada! Three guys I met at my office, a driver in a bus, 2 bus conductors and atleast three autowalahs, one pizza delivery guy are my recent victimes! How do I know that? They started talking to me kannada straight away. The incident with the bus driver was hilarious. I deliberately start talking in kannada to  start a conversation. Say I want a ticket to “cmh”. Instead of saying just the place name and handing over the money, I say something more. I say “cmh hogakke eshtu aaguthe?”. He replies “haidu”. Then I hand over the change and say “thogolli”. He hands over the ticket with one hand while he is driving with the other. Now, I have to talk, so I say “illi thumba traffic aguthe”! You can see how I practice now. But on that occasion, the driver smiled a bit and started telling a joke.I could hardly make out what the joke was but since in the end he was laughing I gave him good company. You know those situations were you should have raised your hand right at the start of a lecture instead of waiting for some more time and ask. And the lecturer goes “that is basic and what were you doing till now?”. Now, I could not tell that guy that I know only a little bit of kannada and dissappoint him after he has told his joke. So I did a good thing by acting like I understood. I had to do it. You should never dissappoint someone trying to cheer you up!

Back to kannada now. I have decided that I have reached a stage where I should no longer read transliterated text. Hence, going to buy some first standard kannanda books and learn kannada alphabets. Then, read those kids’ story books. What better way to learn a language than by reading it? By this year end I should know all the alphabets and should be fluent enough in reading kannada.

Copy Shantaram Jutsu!

Three years back when I was given my birthday bumps, these were the words I had written down.

..I didn’t protest. I accepted the ritual. After having kicked me for half an hour to their hearts content, they let me free right near the hostel bathroom. The dirty bathroom floor became my bed… It was exactly in that place that I was born the second time …

Not completely a Shantaram style sentence but a word here and there will make it a close one.

As an aside, notice the post name. It is based on Naruto. The best of the cartoons(Anime) I have seen till now. Extremely Addictive. I first saw the entire Shippuden series (113). Then went back and saw the Naruto series(~200). Then read the whole manga(~450). Now I wait for the episode every week. I have never seen the personality of each character come out so well. I have never seen a cartoon opening like the ‘hero’s comeback’ of  the shippuden series. I have never seen anything like this before. It is a must see for every damn creature in this planet. And to top it all it is available in numerous sites dedicated just for Naruto fans.