Cage Or A Safehouse?

In my home in Chennai, I noticed a very peculiar incident. I will have to describe the scenario first.

The balcony in my home looks straight at an open area. This area is about 800-1000 square feet. This place is not yet occupied since the whole plot is a well. Yes, you read me right. It is a huge dry well. This is a weird case in my locality, since in Chennai, people occupy whatever space they can to build a house. The owners of the plots surrounding the area have built walls arround it.

An year back when I had come home, I noticed, a puppy stuck in that area. It would try to jump over the wall  throughout the day, but could not. In the night, it would spend hours crying, before it slept (And letting us sleep). It soon grew up and jumped the wall and escaped to freedom. My mom and neighbours were pretty much happy about this. Feeling a sense of greatness at having helped a life? Or simply happy for that dog? 🙂

This time, I heard some noises in that plot and to my shock, found that there are arround 4 puppys in there. What the heck? I asked my mom about this and she said, it is the same dog that was stuck here last year that has given birth to them. And she pointed ” What a stupid dog to come back to this cage and give birth”.

On a second thought, I don’t think that anyone (I mean ANYONE) is so stupid. Last year, I remember my mom keeping a wooden plank against the inside of the boundary wall so that it could escape. But the dog woudn’t. So she and the neighbours resorted to feeding it everyday. I think, that is exactly the reason it is back. The best place for its kids to stay would be inside the closed walls. A safehouse were you get food everyday, protection from the streets and yeah when you grow up, jump the wall and face the streets. Got to face the streets spread the genes right?

I have been reading this book, “The Selfish Gene” By Richard Dawkins and hence the last sentence in the paragraph above. Its worth a read. Its rare to get books that can put complex scientific subjects in layman terms and still be accepted among the scientific community as well. One must read this book.

And yeah, what a bitch!

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