Black swan and graveyard of the firefiles

I am into another book by Naseem Nicholas Taleb called The black swan. The previous one being Fooled by randomness which I described earlier here. Again, a few pages into the book, it has taken me into thoughts about how our thoughts are wired, some more reason to not watch TV, to not take daily news seriously and some more insight into the fallacy of using the bell curve ( Remembed the Gaussian distribution?) in predicting the future based on past events and that, seeing only white swans your entire life does not mean there are no black swans out there in the world somewhere!

I downloaded an anime movie that goes by the name graveyard of the firefiles. I have taken a break after watching the first 50 mins. I could hardly hold myself after 15 mins into the movie. I instinctively know where it is going. Its a tough watch. The art and scenes are very powerful. It took 15 minutes for me to recover after watching those 50 mins. The rest, I will see tommorow or whenever I can spare an hour after watching the movie to recooperate from the shock that is coming. I go through sad movies with very little after effects. But this one is too powerful. No doubt it has won several awards.

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